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5 Steps to Teaching Your Child How to Write Essays

Surprisingly, it is often easier for an essay to get high grades than papers with an elaborate writing style. You can take 5 steps to teaching your child how to write essays. The process starts by getting an idea (either ask or think of one), then extending the question, getting evidence-based answers to answer the question, and finishing the essay by summing up what was covered in the paper so far.

5 Steps To Teaching Your Child How To Write Essays

5 Steps to Teaching Your Child How to Write Essays

Essay writing starts with ideas and paragraphs, but you need to grasp basic writing concepts. Implementing proper grammar and spelling is the foundation of this task. Once you are satisfied with their knowledge of these concepts, focus on teaching them what a thesis is and how to write one. PaperFellows recommends reinforcing the idea that the theory guides the rest of the essay throughout the process.

1. Outlines

The 1st step is to create an outline. An outline should help your child get their ideas down on paper and should come first before writing the first draft. For example, the introduction should introduce the topic, the exposition should display their position, and the conclusion should conclude their argument, hoping that it will change others’ minds. Various outlines depend on how formal you want to be with your essay.

2. Get your child practicing essay writing.

Kick start your child’s creative process by offering them some examples. It’s easier to show them an example rather than trying to explain what you want them to do. Finding ways to practice is worth investing in, but make sure not to overload them with material to work on. Overload them. Give them breaks and reward their hard work.

Many parents are trying to help their children develop essay writing skills. One way to teach them essay writing is by finding topics that interest them. Whether it be comic books, TV Shows, or video games, you can ask your child to write reports on these topics. When comparing similar issues, they can also include key example points in both titles.

3. Ideas on how to get your child into reading

Teaching your child essay writing couldn’t be simpler: reading is an excellent way for your child to learn, and the more you read to them or they read on their own, the better their writing will become. With sustained interest and exposure to reading, your child won’t even notice the time once they pick up new words and acquire vocabulary.

4. Learn how to use technology in essay writing

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Teaching your child how to write an essay can be challenging. Technology can help in many ways; it might be the only way for some children. The easier you make it for them, the more likely they will fall in love with writing and never stop. Pinterest is a fantastic tool to use in writing an essay. You can add sources onto boards or boards based on their essay topic and view pins without scrolling, making it easy to organize ideas. The panels make plagiarism much harder.

5. Find out how you can improve your child’s essay-writing with these resources.

Want your child to become better at writing? Check out these Online Tools that Help Teaching Your Child Essay Writing. Designate reading activities while teaching the lesson.

  1. StateofWriting & Studydemic

Using grammar resources to check your child’s writing for grammatical mistakes, you can master essay writing in 6 steps.

2. Boom essays & Essayroo

These online proofreading tools can help your child write a flawless essay. Simplegrad lets you check their grammar and spelling for free and helps fix any problems before handing in their assignments.

3. ViaWriting & Academadvisor

Check out these academic blogs for ideas and suggestions on how to teach your children essay writing. In addition, these posts from parents successfully teaching their kids will come in handy when you think about preparing for college.

4. Academized & UKWritings

The tools in Academized can help you develop essay writing skills for your child. Academized recommended tools, including editing for typos, capitalization, punctuation, and other mistakes.

5. My Writing Way & Writing Populist

If you’re challenged with essay writing, these essay writing guides can help guide you in bettering your child’s essays. In addition, the principles can help advise on any writing needs that present themselves.


If you struggle to teach your child how to write an essay, substitute the steps with guidelines. Though there may be challenges during tutoring, remember that fun can make learning easier. Making understanding the topic a priority rather than mastering the format.

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