You are currently viewing 5 Best Essay Writing Apps 2022 | #1 Choice

5 Best Essay Writing Apps 2022 | #1 Choice

Best Essay Writing Apps | #1 Choice

Read our thorough review of the best essay writing apps available today and find out which ones work for every type of student.

When you’re writing, it’s important to keep track of three key features: logic, order, and organization. If anyone is missing from the mix, readers will become bored or, even worse-disenchanted with your content! Fortunately for us, there are all sorts of apps out there that can help us stay on task easier, so we don’t lose our audience. There are many different types of essay writing/content writing services, including essay writing.

You can find Proessaywriting reviews online about one of the best assignment help websites or other software that will complete your project with ease! Many tools and apps will help you with your essays for free. For example, suppose you don’t want to pay top assignment experts. In that case, there’s an app where they can write all types of essays such as analytical, argumentative, critical, expository, and narrative Essays. There is also a lot of productivity maximizing applications out now, so check them all! 

The pressure of schoolwork can be exhausting. But now you have these great apps that will help take some stress off your plate! These top writing apps are perfect if all those late-night working on papers have started to wear thin. Don’t worry about quality because their experts write essays from scratch every time without plagiarism or grammatical errors, so it’ll show up exactly how we want them to (with zero chances for correction).

The best essay writing apps for iOS and Android in 2022 are listed below. These rating criteria include the app’s performance, design of completed work, and process ordering options that can be beneficial to some users while not so many other times depending on their needs or preferences!

1. Pro Writing Aid

5 Best Essay Writing Apps 2022

This software is a cloud-based copyediting tool for bloggers, essay writers, and more. The primary role of this program is to find issues in your text so you can improve accuracy while eliminating errors with ease using its free version available on all operating systems or by requesting a 14-day trial if desired. Over one million authors, Editors, and students have tried out ProWritingAid, which says plenty about its effectiveness!

ProWritingAid helps you write better, cleaner, and more engaging content. You can use this tool in Microsoft Word or Google Docs with an API for Scrivener, which is also available on Chrome browser!

Pricing starts at $20 per month/79$ yearly, but there are some discounts available if your company buys multiple years’ worth at once – check out our website today to find out how much they offer.

2. Grammarly

There is no better app than Grammarly when it comes to improving your written work. The proofreader automatically detects grammar and spelling errors and punctuation mistakes such that you can focus on what matters: creativity! In addition, with billions of web pages across the internet available for comparison at any given time (and including past versions), this tool will help save hours in trying again or fixing previous endeavors from being plagiarized too incorrectly credited due simply because they weren’t bothersome enough before now.

With a limited budget, the free version of Grammarly is ideal for writers and bloggers. The app includes most features found in premium versions with an advanced grammar checker and plagiarism detection but not vocabulary enhancement suggestions which may be helpful if you’re looking to add more words into your articles/blog posts without paying extra fees!

3. FreeMind

FreeMind is free mind-mapping software that allows you to create structured diagrams. You can use it for brainstorming and organizing your thoughts, keeping track of projects, including subtasks as well the state they’re in, or even recording time spent on specific tasks when working simultaneously at different essays within one map!

The program also comes with DES encryption which protects all data stored within our maps from accidental loss due to file corruption while we work– making this tool perfect whether you need help completing an academic paper or just trying out new ideas before committing them permanently into place somewhere else inside living history.

4. Edusson

With the help of an app, you can now get your essays written for any subject. All that’s left to do is to upload a file or give it input, and voila! You have yourself another perfect paper ready in no time at all without having ever picked up a pen myself before today- save those fingers for more important things like gaming/drawing, etcetera instead (if they even want me home).

The benefits associated with using this type of service continue on as well; everything from being able to avoid doing anything remotely creative while trying to meet deadlines during college study periods because there won’t be anyone else.

5. Scribus

With all the amazing features you need for magazines, creating reports, and other document types, such as easily editing objects with different layers in a single click or spot colors that include ICC profiles, Scribus is an excellent software choice. Not only does it have these great capabilities, but it also enables users to create layouts beautifully using its user-friendly interface, which makes designing easy even if your English isn’t perfect!


The best essay writing apps can help you with everything from grammar to organization. If you are looking for an application/app that will take your writing to the next level, check out some of the options we’ve highlighted.

Whether you need a little extra help with proofreading and grammar or want a more comprehensive tool that offers to brainstorm and outline features, there’s an app on our list for you. Have you used/tried any of these essay writing apps? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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