Kristine Biegel

Kristine is the owner of The Creative Child and Adult Arts Program.

She has been teaching art classes for over 15 years, sometimes in the art studio, sometimes in schools both public and private, as well as Art Museums, libraries and other non-profits.

She has her Masters in Education and loves to work with artists of all ages and abilities.  She believes that everyone can make great art!

She loves to paint, travel and spend time with her family.

Jean Shorey

We are very excited to have Jean join us in the studio.

She has been teaching for over 30 years in public schools, recently retired and still full of lots of great creative energy and ideas.

Jean has a great knowledge of artists / art history and a very strong art foundation and she is bringing many new and exciting ideas to the studio.

She loves to create cloth collages and spend time with her family.

Welcome Jean!


Rebecca Neumann

Becca is a mother, an artist and an art therapist.  Her inspirations come through the lens of her daughter and son, as well as the beauty she finds in the mundane. 

Becca will in the studio now on occasion offering up some great Family Friendly Workshops for building stronger ties.

We are so happy to have Becca in the studio anyway we can get her.