The Studio is so excited to have some amazing women come into the studio to offer up some wonderful evenings and afternoons of art making.  

Check out our full schedule below 

This is time set aside just for you and other woman in the same dance and music era as yourself

These workshops are not for artists but for woman 
women who are open to using "art making" to celebrate their inner and outer wisdom and beauty

This is not a paint night, it is not a drawing class, there is no preconceived "end product"

We will work on  projects designed for inner reflection and celebration of who you are, what you have accomplished and what you still have on your "to do" life list.

Now don't start worrying about this, don't overthink it just know that we will gently guide you through this process and you will definitely surprise your creative self!

Every Day Sculptures - Two Thursday Evenings in May - A great introduction to Sculpture !!

Scrappy Sculptures
A playful exploration with everyday materials

Come join us for a 2 part workshop, focusing on construction with easy to find materials. This particular workshop will allow participants to learn basic sculpture skills while also enjoying exploration of metaphors and personal symbols. 


Bring a couple of photos of your favorite animal to use as your inspiration or you can certainly go abstract with just as much fun and success.


 Thursday, May 18th

Thursday, May 25th

Time:  5:30 

(Studio open, come and get settled)

6:00 to 8:00 

(project will begin promptly at 6:00)

Cost: $45

All materials included. 

You are invited to bring a snack or beverage to sip while you work.

Sculptural process includes creating shapes using tin foil, covering with tape and painting.  

We promise everyone can do this!

Becca Neumann

Becca is an artist and Art Therapist. 

She has worked with children and adults in western Massachusetts, New Orleans, Chicago and throughout Maine.  

Becca is currently working with children and families at SMART Child & Family services in Windham.

FMI check out Becca's website

Creating Works of art using Found Materials from the Beach - coming soon!!

Driftwood and Sea Shells
Creative Fun

Come join us for an afternoon workshop creating whimsical pictures used found materials from the ocean. 

Artists will use drift wood, sea glass, shells and much more to create these ocean inspired whimsical pictures. 


Dates: Saturday, April 29th

Time: 9:00 to 12:30

Cost: $45

All materials included.  

Finding your sanctuary and creating a work of art to fit into that special space

Sunday, June 11

The first part of our program will be a gentle introduction to Feng Shui by Sara Nelson

An ancient art, Feng Shui is the balance of energies in a space that support good fortune.  Feng translates to wind or energy and Shui translates to water or fortune.  Through the practice of Feng Shui, one can fine tune the energy in their home thus bringing an energy of good fortune.  Clearing energy blocks and enhancing energy areas based on the Bagua Map creates a space that brings you peace. Incorporating Feng Shui practices into your home will bring a sense of support and fine tune your space into your sanctuary as it is meant to be.

The second part of our program will be led by Kristine Biegel

As a compliment piece to Sara's introduction to Feng Shui each attending artist will create a unique work of art that will tie into the Feng Shui understandings of Energies.

Artists will have the opportunity to create a birch tree painting based on the colors and energies that are designed as a compliment to the understandings reached in the Feng Shui explorations with Sara.

Date:  Sunday, June 11

Time:  11:00 to 3:30

Cost: $60

All materials included. 

PotLuck Afternoon: 

Our focus for this afternoon is not only quality learning and creating, but also community building.  Please bring a dish to share for our potluck lunch. Drinks, dishes and morning snacks will be provided.

My name is Sara.  I live in Maine with my sweet family.  We have two teens who keep us running and laughing.  

I left the corporate world in 2014 to regain my sense of self and take care of our fast paced family. Since I can remember, I have shared my love of style and space through decorating and DIY projects, shopping and antiquing with friends and family.

All of this has led me here.  Listening to my soul, I became a Reiki Practitioner to find much needed healing and became certified in Feng Shui. Sharing all of this with friends and family, I knew I had more to give. Join me in (re)discovering how your personal style, space and attention to self can bring you to a calm and happy place. 

FMI check out Sara's website The Dreamy Dragonfly
What you need to know for this

You don't need to phone a friend - you will be among friends here and we really encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and come alone. But.... if you bring a friend we will support that decision as well.

This is a Pot Luck Lunch - To further our sense of community building we ask that everyone bring along a small tapas dish to share (one that feeds 3-4 people will suffice).  We will provide drinks.

Wear comfortable clothing that can get dirty - This is a judgement free zone, please be comfortable - no "skinny jeans" allowed.

No Phones Allowed - We ask that you turn your phones off during our creative time so that you are fully relaxed and engaged.

* Scholarships available if needed.