Important Note from Kristine
The Creative Child and Adult Arts Studio in Scarborough is closing but my Art Programs will continue on outside the facility

To all my amazing artists - As my art studio has grown a lot of the programs have developed in the community as a Visiting Artist.  This leads me to my decision to close down the physical studio and continue on my work with my non-profits and community programs within their facilities.

With my spare time I will also be working more on my own art making which feeds my soul and excites me, taking on commissioned works and also bringing to completion creative projects that I just have not had time while running the studio.

I hope that I will get to say good bye to you in the upcoming weeks and I look forward to staying in contact and seeing all of your great art making for many years to come.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Love to you all 

Tucked in for the night, Abby's parents come to kiss her good night ....

 As she drifts off to sleep, some of Maine's special friends join in to wish her Sweet Dreams.